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January 24, 2013 / lowtcarrepha

Download Vivah Full Movie | Download Hd Vivah

Genres: Drama , Family , Musical
Actors: Shahid Kapoor , Amrita Rao , Anupam Kher , Alok Nath , Seema Biswas , Samir Soni , Lata Sabharwal , Manoj Joshi , Amrita Prakash , Dinesh Lamba , Ameya Pandya , Jatin Sial , Aditi Bhatia , Shreya Sharma , Mohnish Bahl
Director: Sooraj R. Barjatya
Country: India
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (2380 votes)

After the passing away of his wife, wealthy Delhi-based businessman, Harishchandra, took it upon himself to bring up two sons, Sunil and Prem. When they grew up he got Sunil married to Bhavna, and let Prem complete his education, even let him study abroad. Soon Sunil and Bhavna gave birth to a son, Rahul. When Bhagat told him that he had found a suitable match for Prem in Poonam, the niece of Krishnakant, a fruit merchant from Madhupur, Uttar Pradesh, the family traveled there, met with Krishnakant, his wife, Rama, and daughter, Rajni, and instantly approved of Poonam. Prem and Poonam also approved of each other, the Astrologer was consulted and a marriage was scheduled to take place in six months time. Shortly thereafter the engagement took place. The two families met again in Som Sarovar, Nainital, to let everyone get acquainted, and when Prem got his first contract from Japan, Krishnakant took his family to Delhi to celebrate. With the deadline for the marriage drawing close, both families start their respective preparations – not knowing that fate may have other plans in store for this young couple.

Film Review

I had lost faith in Sooraj R. Barjatya after the movie Main Prem Ki Deewani hoon, then a year back now I saw promos for Vivah which looked good. But I didn't want to waste my hard earned money watching it in cinema. When the film first came out on DVD I rented it and watched and I loved the movie and took back my words for Sooraj. I just finished watching it yesterday again and this time I thought I have to review this movie. Sooraj R. BarjatyaGot it right this time, okay I was not a huge fan of Hum App Ke Hai Kaun. But I have always loved Manie Pyar kiya, after Manie Pyar kiya to me I think Vivah is Barjatyas best work. I hardly ever cry in a movie but this movie made me feel like crying. If you have ever been in love before then there will be many moments that will touch you in this movie, the movie is just too sweet and will have you falling in love with it, my view a much underrated movie.The story of this movie you might call desi and very old times, but to me it seemed moder…

VIVAH in my opinion is the best movie of 2006, coming from a director that has proved successful throughout his career. I am not too keen in romantic movies these days, because i see them as "old wine in a new bottle" and so predictable. However, i have watched this movie three times now…and believe me it's an awesome movie.VIVAH goes back to the traditional route, displaying simple characters into a sensible and realistic story of the journey between engagement and marriage. The movie entertains in all manners as it can be reflected to what we do (or would do) when it comes to marriage. In that sense Sooraj R. Barjatya has done his homework well and has depicted a very realistic story into a well-made highly entertaining movie.Several sequences in this movie catch your interest immediately: * When Shahid Kapoor comes to see the bride (Amrita Rao) – the way he tries to look at her without making it too obvious in front of his and her family. The song 'Do Anjaane Aj…

It is nice to see Suraj Barjatya back at what he is best at.A story woven around a marriage.It feels nice to have a movie in which there is no single scene which you would avoid watching with your family. Though the story is simple and does not contain any new elements,you still like the movie,because of the presentation, performances,and actually the over all treatment. Hats Off to Suraj.. The movie is about the fact that engagement leads to love. The depiction of the changes in the way of thinking,behaving once you get engaged is excellent. Director has definitely given it much thought and actors have done it to perfection.Though the movie is slow,you don't mind it,because you kind of get so much involved with the story that you just wanna continue watching the joy of this newly engaged couple. As a typical RajShree stuff it has many sentimental scenes which are highly likely to make viewer burst into tears(specially ladies). But when you come out of the cinema hall you are very…

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